The Dirt Is Red!

oh… and what's a grit?

Creative Music Video: Hudson – Against The Grain

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo. I’m a sucker for really creative music videos. Something that separates the song from all of the noise we’re exposed to day after day and doesn’t cost a fortune always impresses me. To that end, check this one out. Then thank me later.

Amazing Infographic – The propagation of music throughout history

This is absolutely facinating. This infographic offers a view of the journey different genres of music have made throughout history in a nice timeline format. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. See the infographic

Twitter Happiness

People sometimes ask me why I like Twitter so much. The answers are many and vary on my mood, but getting an email like this in the morning certainly doesn’t hurt. There are so many things cool about this, not the least of which is that Stefan actually controls his own Twitter account and takes…

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