The Dirt Is Red!

oh… and what's a grit?

Wednesday Web Recap: 2011, Week 3

War Eagle! Gotta get that out of the way first… right?  Witness, Toomer’s Corner! The Ultimate Shower? It would be hard to argue that this doesn’t look like an interesting experience, but at $100k?  And just how quickly would you run out of hot water with this thing?   Audio Gaming It’s not too often…

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Wednesday Web Recap: 2011, Week 2

I hope your first week of 2011 was wonderful, but now it’s time to get back to the grind.  And we’ll start this week’s web recap with… A 98 Year Old Woman’s Letter To Her Bank This is an EPIC letter this lady wrote to her bank after they bounced one of her checks.  Definitely…

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Wednesday Web Recap: 2011, Week 1

A new year! Welcome to 2011 everyone, I hope it’s the best year you’ve ever had! Here’s hoping we get some awesome web recaps as well. 😉   8-Bit Art With Legos This is really, really cool for all us geeks out there.…   Fan Celebration… Or Oscar Win? This is an epic fan…

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Wednesday Web Recap: 2010, Week 52

Quadrocopter Jingle Bells I, for one, welcome our propeller-laden overlords. Via Engadget   Little Dude KILLING The Drums Can you imagine a stage full of these little guys rocking out? Way better than Bieber!   Top 15 Contemporary Alabama Artists This is a pretty nifty list of what the Oxford American considers the best…

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Wednesday Web Recap: 2010, Week 51

This will be my first Weekly Web Recap, so a brief explanation is warranted.  I often find or get sent things on the web that are funny, interesting or just odd.  Often, I’ll send some of the particularly cool ones on to friends. Often times, people ask “Where on Earth do you dig this stuff…

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