The Dirt Is Red!

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Wednesday Web Recap: 2011, Week 3

War Eagle!

Gotta get that out of the way first… right?  Witness, Toomer’s Corner!

The Ultimate Shower?

It would be hard to argue that this doesn’t look like an interesting experience, but at $100k?  And just how quickly would you run out of hot water with this thing?


Audio Gaming

It’s not too often nowadays that you come across something completely original in the gaming scene.  Almost everything we see is a copy of something that came before it with only minor differences.  But the folks over at Somethin’ Else have created an amazing concept (that I have, so far, yet to play) based on a parlor game… a fully audible game experience.  Definitely worth looking at if you’re into games.


The Archive

In addition to having found an amazing new site that I’ll be visiting frequently, I found a documentary on the site about Paul Mawhinney, who has the world’s largest record collection (about a million albums and about 1.5 million singles).  His collection also serves as a recognized archive that houses music that the Library of Congress said that from 1948-1966 only 17% of the music made is available to the public on CD, so in many cases Paul has the only remaining version of that music.  The kicker?  He has to give up his collection, which has an estimated value of $50 million.  An amazing story.

Don’t miss this:


Can’t Walk and Text At The Same Time

Should walking and texting be the new “can’t walk and chew gum at the same time” insult?  If you’re this girl, it is…


Shooting Anvils

Women seem to ask why you would do this… Men seem to just accept it for being cool.  I accept it.  Completely.


3D Without The Glasses

Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought I had been seeing in 3D my entire life without glasses.  But if you haven’t, now you can get rid of those irritating and uncool looking glasses and be completely awesome…


January 19, 2011

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