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The P-team

Elect Trump in 2016! /s

Alright, I’ll start off with some honesty. Up until recently, I thought you guys were joking about electing Donald Trump as the POTUS in 2016. I didn’t take the circus too seriously, and that was my mistake. Obviously, I was missing the potential so many of my fellow concerned, educated and motivated citizens saw in this particular course of action.

Now, however, I realize that the goal is to use “Reality TV” as a form of government. And not to be a neanderthal stuck in the past, I’m getting on board with the idea. So here’s my step by step plan to have our new, revolutionary executive branch up and running in a few short months:

  1. Secure Appoint Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho as Trump’s running mate
  2. Elect Donald Trump and Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
  3. Outfit Airforce One and The White House with hidden cameras and a full reality TV production crew
  4. Appoint the cast from Predator to cabinet positions
  5. Get Imagine Dragons to remake the original theme to “The A-team” to use as the show intro
  6. Police the world, solving a new issue each week on Thursday night at 8PM, by sending the POTUS and his cabinet around the world in various souped up machines to “fight and defeat bad guys”
  7. Finish every show with a catch phrase (“You’re fired” comes to mind, but we need to market test it to make sure it hasn’t outlived its appeal)
  8. Pay off the national debt with the proceeds and watch the world love us at the same time
  9. Profit

Now for some extra fun, here’s a couple of clips of where we’re headed (heads up, there’s language and violence inherent to Idiocracy):


March 3, 2016

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