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Wednesday Web Recap: 2011, Week 1

A new year! Welcome to 2011 everyone, I hope it’s the best year you’ve ever had! Here’s hoping we get some awesome web recaps as well. 😉


8-Bit Art With Legos

Lego Art

This is really, really cool for all us geeks out there.…


Fan Celebration… Or Oscar Win?

This is an epic fan celebration from a Boston Celtics game… or is it someone who just heard they’d won an Oscar?  Your call, but it’s awesome either way.…


The Voice of The Homeless

Check this guy out… He’s a homeless guy in Columbus, Ohio with… well… just watch the video.


Your Online Life… After Your Life

When you die what happens to your online life?  This is a really long article but a great read when you have the time to do so:


January 5, 2011

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