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Wednesday Web Recap: 2010, Week 51

This will be my first Weekly Web Recap, so a brief explanation is warranted.  I often find or get sent things on the web that are funny, interesting or just odd.  Often, I’ll send some of the particularly cool ones on to friends. Often times, people ask “Where on Earth do you dig this stuff up?” So it struck me, not everyone has a network of connected, cool people who share awesome things like this. But I do, and if you follow my blog now you do too!

Every week I’ll set a post to auto-post on Friday at 10:00AM (date and time subject to change without notice). Then, during the week as I’m sent really cool stuff I’ll add it to that post with a short description. So every Friday morning you’ll have everything I got sent that week that was really cool available in a single, consolidated format! Also, it’ll help me keep up with things when I go back and look for them… 😉


. . . . . . . . . .

Dan Connolly

A 6’4″ 317lb offensive guard runs a kickoff back 71 yards for the New England Patriots. I LOVE to see the big guys get some attention, far too often underappreciated! Color me impressed at this guy’s moves and speed.


Desean Jackson

Now for a REALLY fast kick return. This one is Desean Jackson returning a punt 65 yards for the Philadelphia Eagles to win the game against the New York Giants. Why on Earth do you kick to this guy EVER, much less with the game on the line? Insanity!


Ninja Unboxing

No one knows how to unpack a phone like ninjas! I can’t say too much without ruining the surprises, but just know that the ending is random and worth multiple views. 🙂


It Ain’t A Wedding ‘Til Someone Gets Tazed

You really, really don’t want to miss this one:


Parrot: “Let the bodies hit the floooor!”


The Navy’s EMALS tested

It’s like a rail gun that shoots airplanes!


Laughing Your Abs Off?

Eesh… Really?  This is just creeepy.


December 22, 2010

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